List of Maintenance Issues

As on 1 March 2012

a. Security: The boom barriers at entry and exits of portion around towers 7 to 9 (including tower 1 – 6) are neither manned nor operated. This has caused several incidents of unwanted vehicles driving through the property. People from nearby area also wander into the swimming pool/ kids play area without any check. In addition, security guards are not trained on who to prevent entry for.

b. CCTV: Only few camera’s installed, coverage is not sufficient.

c. Solar Geysers: Haven’t been completely installed and activated

d. Lighting issues: The parabola of Tower 9 does not have any lights. The area around the swimming pool of Tower 7 to 9 is completely dark as no extra lights have been installed.

e. Badminton/ Tennis / Basketball courts: All these courts near towers have cracked surfaces. The badminton court hasn’t even been started yet.

f.  Convenience Store: Despite the increased occupancy, the convenience store has not yet started.

g. Clubhouse: Despite the payment made for club membership, no clubhouse is being made/provided.

h. Nursery School / Crèche: Hasn’t been provided.

i.  Roads: As promised, residents looking forward to the roads being re-layered in March 2012

j. Multi purpose halls: These have not been made functional, despite being charged as part of Super Area.

k. In-complete construction: Various facilities and options have been left incomplete such as Multi Purpose Halls, Golf putting green, solar geysers, fire fighting equipment, poolside of towers 7 to 9 etc. In the buildings too, contraction on the top floors are not yet complete. Everything should be taken over by RWA, only then charges should be imposed.

l. Lifts: Most of the lifts have problems which have primarily arisen due to movement of construction material by the builder. Builder should arrange to replace these lifts or RWA should not take them over.

m. Area for pets: All societies have areas specified for pets which avoids any kind of inconvenience to other residents. We need to do the same in bothwings

n. Entrance lobby: Urgent need to upgrade the lobby by putting some planters and make seating arrangements for visitors. Same was discussed and agreed by Mr. Bakshi during the meeting

o. Poor lighting: The garden area near gym is very poorly lit as most of the street lights / focus lamps do not work. Need to rectify them immediately

p. Drivers Rest Rooms: They have not been operationalized.

q. Visitors Parking slots: Visitors parking slots are not marked in the basement.

2 Responses to “List of Maintenance Issues”

  1. Sudhir Kumar Chhabra says:

    No Visitor’s Parking has been given in the Basements despite many earlier assurances. This complex is supposed to have no surface parking , so where will the guests/ Visitors park there vehicles?

  2. Dr Arun gupta says:

    The green marble around lifts is broken in tower7 at 7th floor & has not been repaired despite many complaints.

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