Issues in Central Park 2

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Highlighted by Residents / Owners of Central Park 2

Issue No:1

In the basement lift lobby area, several tasks have been left incomplete such as :

a. Shaft doors do not close
b. Lift buttons are not aligned to wall
c. Electrical wires are left dangling

Issue No:2

ELECTRICAL FIXTURES : The Electrical fixtures are not properly installed. Many Switches provided are meaningless & purposeless, The electricians & the electrical engineers themselves are confused & confronted with problems when ever they are called to solve our problems. The seepages and leakages of water on the walls would further complicate the problems by adding fuel to the fire !!!

Issue No:3

Please repair the backboard of basketball playground and give good qulitity,it always broken.

Issue No:4

Frequent power outages because generators are not able to take load. I doubt if enough power generation capacity has been installed to sustain a massive complex like this. At this moment, many flats are unoccupied there the electrical load should lesser as compared with the situation when you have full occupancy. Nowadays power trips every 15 minutes. Lifts gets stuck and electrical appliance are at risk.

Issue No:5

All door handles are of poor quality and need a replacement in less than one year of usage. Door handles have started sagging.

Issue No:6

Water from shower taps is super hot in the summers. It is impossible to take shower with water in summer.

Issue No:7

No improvement in security of apartments and tower blocks. Visitors simply walk-in with no prior notification.

Issue No:8

In all the washrooms the plumbing work and finishes are pathetic!!! Its a serious concern.!!!

Issue No:9

Tower 9 swimming pool and changing room is in pathetic condition. Changing room is stinking, showers not operational, bulky locker lying, leaving no space to walk around. Not even a single mirror in ladies changing room. Baby pool is out of order almost 10 days in a month.A piece of cloth which is used as a “stopper” in the pool is stinking!!!

Issue No:10

Tower 9 swimming pool and changing room is in pathetic condition. Changing room is stinking, showers not operational, bulky locker lying, leaving no space to walk around. Not even a single mirror in ladies changing room. Baby pool is out of order almost 10 days in a month.A piece of cloth which is used as a “stopper” in the pool is stinking!!!

Issue No:11

The window corners hasn’t been plastered (From outside). Plaster finish is yet to be done and I have noticed this this issue across towers.

Issue No:12

The water supply seems to be very dirty. Bathrooms starts stinking due to the flow of dirty (seems like sewage water) water. This seems to be a major health issue as well.

Issue No:13

Major seepage problems. The worst part is that the issue is being bounced over between project and maintenance.

Issue No:14

Poor Roads, Dirty Basement, Pathetic, Dangerous and Unhygenic Lifts, Plenty of Mosquitoes, Dirty water in taps, Poor driving conditions due to construction

Issue No:15

Can you please check the Lifts. They are not co-ordinated. When I press the button, both lifts come to the floor. Also the closest lift does not come? Furthermore the lifts move very very slow. The doors open even slower? I have never seen such lifts in my life before.

Issue No:16

leakage in the bathroom of master bedroom ,has already spoiled the roof paint and one wall of guest room ,this has been their since the new occupants have shifted on the 4th floor. please get it rectified and get it painted also.

Issue No:17

Security is poor. No records are being kept for the visitors/ outsiders entering the gates. The system adopted at builder’s office complex – every visitor is asked to enter his name, car number, mobile number, time in, etc. – can be followed here also with suitable modifications, to discourage and prevent entry of unauthorised persons. The security personnel at exit should note the number of car leaving, to cross-check with the list of entrants later. This will also help keep a check on the security, whether they are keeping a vigil.

Issue No:18

Poor maintenance in basement – it seems the basement is never cleaned/ swept. There is lot of water leakage throughout the day, resulting in wastage of water and giving a shabby look to the complex. There is no security personnel in basement to check loiterers who may be vandalising the cars parked by residents.

Issue No:19

I want to bring it to notice the quality of play area stuff being used, the swings placed dere seems to be the quality of a MCD park…The play area has big holes being dugged and it shld be child friendly whereas its the most dangerous area for the kids..

Issue No:20

The water during the day is extremly boiling hot in all taps, i believe all the pipes from tank are in Sun and even after let go of almost 2-3 buckets the temperature of water doesnot drop.It is not at all possible to take bath during day either you store water or take hot boiling shower and the worst is hot water is evn in WC.
Need some shelter on the pipes from tank.

Issue No:21

The lift is an issue, there is no fan in the lift box and it is excessive slow and it gets very suffocating and specially when I have to go to 14th floor.Ver bad quality lifts and pathetic speed

Issue No:22

The swings for kids are abusively used by maid servants and bahadurs, they gang around the park in the evening, the common area is for residents and not servants.No gathering of bahdurs and drivers should be allowed in the parks , lift loobies and lane and no maid servants should be allowed to use the common property be it swings etc. The security guragds should be informed about these things strickly and the onwers should be penalized in caase of any default.

Issue No:23

The tub fitting in my master bathroom is pathetic and it doesnot ahve any stopper ,depite of many complaints it is neither repaired or stopper has been arranged.

Issue No:24

There are no emergency lights and glow in dark demarkation of basement Floors ( -1 or -2). I have my parking on -2 and I ahve been trapped many time in pitch black dark ,when there is no main elecity and DG is not yet on and the lift door opens.

Issue No:25

There is no female security guard on the gate, the maid come and go without any frisking .There are n no of theft incidents reported.There should be frisking of maids and other outsider workers and a proper gatepaas or slips should be with the maid in case she has some items given by residen.

Issue No:26

The lifts in the towers are faulty. There is always some or the other problem. they are sooooooooooo slow and dont work half the time.

Issue No:27

Despite various requests,my intercom connection has not been installed. Airtel people say it is ok from their side but CP has to put intercom wire.

Issue No:28

Low quality plumbling, electrical used. Already changed the the showers twice, hand shower attached to the WC thrice in 9 months. The wooden skirtings given are not properly fixed – coming out in various places. The door panels used in the kitchen and adjacent bedroom has gaps in them; as a result mosquitoes and flies can easily enter. Wooden doors given are of cheap quality. Light points are not symmetrical.

Issue No:29

The security for the compound of tower 7-8-9 is minimal in nature. There is no check on the people coming into the compound. Villagers from teekri village use the park and the compound for morning and evening walk and get their children to play in the park. There is no security guard or checking on the entrance from the side of tower 1-6 towards tower 7. There is too much labour movement in the common areas as too much work is still in progress all around. A lot of people working for sweat estates and having office in “the room” building use the basement car parking in tower 7-8-9 to park their cars and bikes. A lot of vendors especially those of interior designers, water purifiers etc are able to drop their pamphlets or cards directly to our houses, there is no check on their movement.

Issue No:30

The door handles and knobs on the following are not installed or missing.
1) door handles on staircase doors : present ground floor only not installed on any other floors
2) knobs on electrical and other shafts are missing / not installed on multiple floors.

Have asked the projects team and everyone the same thing is told. It has been ordered and will be done soon.

Issue No:31

Swimming pool washrooms are not functional in the tower 7-8-9 swimming pool and are stinking. There is o provision to take a shower before or after swimming. The WC is not working in most of the toilets.

Issue No:32

The service lift is in bad shape and frequently stops working. This is mainly happening due to the use of the lift to carry construction material such as sand, cement etc in the lift. This deposits dust all around especially in the lift lobby areas in the basement. The service lift has been down for maintenenaceatleast 2 days a week over the last one month or so.

Issue No:33

The water coming in the children’s toilet is dirty and unusable. The plumbing team is unable to find and rectify the problem. Everyday have to throw away at least 4-7 buckets of water before clean water starts coming in the taps.

Issue No:34

Common area, parks, basement etc are not maintained properly and construction material, waste material can be found lying at multiple places. This is not only an eye sore but also dangerous to children playing in the parks as a lot of pieces of glass are scattered all around. Some drainage covers are also missing. The roads are full of potholes right from the entrance to the parking.

Issue No:35

1. water seepage and peeling off of plaster in entry foyer area
2. plaster peeling off due to water seepage in bathrooms
3. Loose comode fittings in the bathrooms
4. missing handshower support in bathrooms

Issue No:36

in 2nd basement, drains are open and can cause serious accidents during movement of car. Also garbage is dumped in basement as if it is authorized MCD garbage disposal area.

Issue No:37

many of wooden doors in my apartments are not working properly

Issue No:38

Because BCPCA is not effectively creating and implementing rules, residents have installed personal dish antennas on walls and rooftops and dragged the wire over and around the buildings. The buildings are looking ugly and mis-managed. This reduced the overall quality and value of the complex.

It could easily have been prevented if BCPCA was strict. I have raised this issue before but the BCPCA management is not taking strong action.

Issue No:39

The construction team seems to have abandoned the tower before doing the finishing work. The following is incomplete in Tower 9:

a. In all floor lobbies, Trap doors in false ceiling are missing.
b. In all floor lobbies, fire shaft and staircase doors are not lockable and/or do not have handles
c. In basements, lift lobbies are incomplete in many aspects. Lift control buttons are poorly installed
d. In rooftop, no doors are installed and roof is freely accessible.
e. For windows, outside plaster work and painting is incomplete.
f. Glass windows were never cleaned after construction was over from the outside.
g. Pergola lights for Tower 9 have not been installed.

Issue No:40

Pergola lights near swimming pool of Tower 7 to 9 are not installed / activated.
Pergola lights near entrance of Tower 9 are not installed / activated.

Complaining about this for 8 months now and no action is being taken. BCPCA blames construction team, construction team says they are busy with Rooms.

Issue No:41

All roads from main entrance to Towers 1 to 9 are broken, uneven and have potholes. They need to be re-done completely.

Issue No:42

Lifts have the following issues:

a. They are incorrectly programmed. Calling a lift moved both the lifts instead of one. This gives the impression to residents that lifts are very slow because lifts are moving all the time between various floors.

b. In case of power failure, which is frequent, lift should stop at the nearest floor and restart from there. Instead, these lifts goto the lower basement and start from there. This gives the impression to residents that lifts are very slow as they keep going to the lower basement on each reset.

c. Lifts are genuinely slow when moving only between 1 floor. It takes a long time for doors to open if you were to go from floor 3 to floor 4 only. Lift company should be asked to fix this issue.

d. Maintenance of lifts is extremely poor. Fans are making noise. There is creaking noise from the pulleys all the time. Doors don’t close smoothly.

e. Lifts are dirty and unkept, housekeeping does not clean the inside walls despite complaints. Their excuse is that even if they clean it, it will get dirty because construction material in being moved. They should do their job throughly and clean the lifts at least twice a day.

Issue No:43

It’s over 1.5 years since residents are staying here, when will the convenience store be started?

Issue No:44

Dirty water coming from tanks in Washrooms..Water insects also coming from overhead tanks..highly unhygienic

Issue No:45

Intercom : This is supposedly the base facility provided by any builder. Something which we always believed will be provided by the builder. However the same is not there leading to huge safety gap for all the residents.

Issue No:46

Following problems are still unattended by CP2

1. Seepage in few areas.
2. Tiles improperly fixed .
3. Window handles missing .
4. Draingae holes blocked .
5. Poor fittings in Bathrooms,often leakages happne.
6. Electrical connections are improper , wiring problems .

Issue No:47

Tennis court has been constructed with very little planning:
1) The cemented court has many cracks and is also uneven at many places
2) The lighting is completely ineffective. Just for comparison, the badminton court near tower 1 has 6 lights and the tennis court (which is 3 times the size of the badminton court) also has 3 lights. It is suggested that atleast 4 flood lights be put there.
3) The badminton court near tower 9 is non operational because there is no net.

Issue No:48

The parks near tower 7-9 have a free access to everyone. People from nearby tikri village are seen relaxing there, using amenities at their own free will. There is complete absence of security near the park/swimming pool. This is a threat as young children play there.
On complaining to the nearby security guard the response was that he was not responsible for security of the park/swimming pool.

Issue No:49

Security in parking: The parking area is a free for all access with very limited security. The guards don’t have any intent or confidence to check entry. They are very meek in their approach. Have complained this to the estate manager before many time.

Issue No:50

Access roads: The entry road to the society is in pathetic condition. There are many intermediate manholes/drainages which are perpetually broken. They are repaired but again get broken due to traffic.

Issue No:51

Bath tub is not able to hold water as the water stopper is not made for the size of the drain sink. I have come to know that this is a common problem, but I am not sure hence marking this as an issue related to my apartment.

Issue No:52

Absence of handles/locks at:
1) Fire hose shaft
2) LT shafts
3) Doors which provide access to stairs.

Issue No:53

1 Recurring seepage in the service shafts which affect the inside walls and paint work
2 Poor anchoring of door hinges
3 Poor quality of tile work
4 Poor quqlity of wooden floors
5 rough/unpolished stone sink platforms
6 Water leakage in the basement parking

Note I am also the owner of 5A Tower 5, which also has similar praoblems

Issue No:54

No intercoms and CCTV cameras in any of the towers entrance as well as parking area.

Issue No:55

1) The frequency of breakdown of lifts suggests a basic problem with the installation and needs to be escalated to Johnson. They need to send somebody senior (a senior engineer) to inspect the lifts and suggest correction.
2) Their is a problem with the programming of the lifts. On pressing a button for either direction, both the lifts start approaching. Many times the lift misses a call button.

Issue No:56

Cleaning and housekeeping is irregular for the common area. Their is no check by any supervisor for the maintenance activities that are being carried out. I have personally seen cleaning staff missing many floors altogether on atleast a couple of days in a week.

Issue No:57

The railings in the balcony of my house have a couple of rods missing in between resulting in a huge gap/space posing a safety issue. I know I should have checked it while taking over possession, but I have missed it. I feel its still the responsibility of the builder to rectify it.

Issue No:58

Both lifts have just 1 exhaust fan instead of 2. The 2nd fan is not in place.

Issue No:59

Swimming Pool: The swimming pool changing rooms for the pool near tower 7-9 are in pathetic condition.

1) They are not being cleaned at all. There is a stinking smell every time/every where
2) Showers are not working.
3) Urinals are not working.
4) Wash basin is without tap and drainage.

Issue No:60

Fire fighting system: The fire fighting system is not in place for the whole tower. Not sure about other towers. The emergency sound and light indicators are also broken on many floors.

Issue No:61

Solar heating: Solar heating provision still not installed. Though not urgent but the speed at which things shape up, its better to ask them right now so that it is ready by winter.

Issue No:62

There is no seating arrangement in the entrance lobby for visitors.

Issue No:63

There is a lot of seepage of water in the entrance foyer area walls. As a result the plaster is peeling off.

Issue No:64

As pointed out by many others, the basement is in bad shape. The walls in the lift lobby in the basements are spoiled by people /labour by pen pencil doodling. I think they need a round of whitewash since it has been an year almost.

Issue No:65

The doorframes of 3-4 doors in the house are coming off from the wall, a gap is created between the two which shows the shoddy work done by house contractors in finishing the flats. They need proper filing with white cement.

Issue No:66

Mirrors on the bathroom walls are getting rusty. Its not been 6 months that we have taken possession.

Issue No:67

No fire extinguisher installed on any of the floors. Few months ago, due to welding work on 12th or 14th floor flat B my clothes on the line and newspapers lying in the balcony caught fire. This was reported to maintenance dept, only response i got was that OWNER WAS SORRY ABOUT IT. Now who is responsible for the damages caused???? My GAS bottle is also lying in the balcony.

Issue No:68

Not adequate security personnel available in the basement parking. Drivers are racing in the basement. I have experienced this twice in Tower 9 basement. Upon asking the security guard later, he told me that he was on lunch!!!

Issue No:69

I am have installed Air conditioners in all bedrooms and when they all are used at same time when light is through DG, its every time that MCB trips in the meter rooms and for this I have been complaining to Maintenance Department and from their side every thing is ok. When I called a electrician from Outside he said that the load is not properly segregated on all three phases for AC hence the total wiring of the house is to be changed in order to resolve the problem and if we want to continue as it is then we have to increase the DG load. When I asked the Maintenance people they said I need to deposit 15k per KW and then only they will increase the load.

The point is that when we bought the apartment it was told that it is having 100% power back but actually it is not. I had stayed in Park View for 3 year and they were having 100% power backup wherein if you use 4 AC at a time on DG only such problem occurs

Issue No:70

When I was renovating my apartment I had purchased White Marble and it was kept in 1st basement near lift, when the work was completed in Oct 2011 the marble slabs measuring 5 ft x 3 ft (6 nos) were to be returned to the vendor from whom this was purchased. In Nov 11 1st week when the vendor has sent the vehicle to collect the same all the marble slabs kept in the basement were stolen. I had sent a written mail to Shweta Estate people and Maintenance office also but till date no one has responded. This shows the security if our premises where we live.

A second incident also occurred , when we were out of town for couple of days, some one tried to open our servant room door by dismantling the lock installed on the door but fortunately could not do so, this complain was also lodged, but no action has been taken as of day.

Hence, we need to strengthen the security issue in our premises

Issue No:71

Pasting of the wooden flooring has not done properly, that’s why just living in the apartment for only 6 months its coming out from so many sides.

Issue No:72


There is always a water seepage in Master bedroom attached bath. This is right from hanover stage and has bween attended but to no avail. seepage is still there and the bath room looks shaby. It is a nonprofessional job done by the construction/maintenance.

Issue No:73

The basement parking area is in a total mess. In spite of digging up the entire lawn area near the gym several times on the pretext of finding a solution, the leakages have not stopped. I shudder to think what is going to happen during the monsoons. There is water logging been noticed for the past several weeks around the entrance of the lift lobby of tower 4 basement minus 1. They’ve put sand all around to contain the water flow (sic).

It is also a serious health hazard with mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water and almost swarming the lifts.

Also, a whole lot of construction material is lying around in the basement.

Issue No:74

The entrance lift lobby is in poor state. Floors are stained. Overall it gives a very shabby appearance. The interiors of the lifts are worse. The cheap wooden flooring has peeled off. There’s filth scribbled on the walls. The lift’s interiors are unclean and the cabins smell foul.

Issue No:75

Security is of the lowest standard. There have so many untoward instances in the basement parking area. Cars have been tampered with.Tyres have been damaged. A motorcycle has been stolen. And there’s only one security guard manning the entire basement of tower 1-6. Whenever I have seen him, he is sitting on his chair and not doing the rounds. Don’t blame the poor guy because it is almost impossible to man such a large area and keep an eye on each and every car.

Issue No:76

Lights in and near swimming pool (Tower 7-9):

1) Out of the 24 lights in the swimming pool, only 8 are working
2) Wiring for lights in the shed area (which houses the 3 relaxing beds) have not been done. Further, many lights are missing there.

Issue No:77

Many lights on the wooden pillars at the entrance between tower 7 and 8 are not working.

Issue No:78

In the Master Bed Room toilet:
Sometimes bad smell comes from the toilet room.
There is a water leakage from the flush tank to the toilet.
When pressing the flush button, the water is flushed slowly and at last it is flushed with speed but with unclear water.

Issue No:79

There is a problem with Aluminium section windows and their locks don’t work. After multiple calls to maintenance office, they are still not sending the right person..They say that it is not part of maintenance..Question is what is covered in that case? is there a list of maintenance activities which are covered?

Issue No:80

Elevators in tower 1 doesn’t seem to work at all..Almost everyday there is issue with either one of them and at times both doesn’t work. Many times i have to walk down 8 floors to reach my car..

Issue No:81

The knobs/handles on all the doors of staircase (on all the floors) have not been provided yet.

The walls on all the floors need painting and repairs badly.

The broken staircases need to be repaired

Issue No:82

There should be nice sitting arrangement at the enterance of each tower for the visitors. Such arrangement is most common in various socities, surprisingly missing here.

Issue No:83

The security in the entire area is far from satisfactory sometimes giving a feeling as to why are we wasting so much money on this body. The guards are clueless aboiut their duties.One can understand that due to ongoing construction the fool proof security is not possible, but one can definitely make an effort to improve it.
As far as entering the apartments is concernd, the basements are the best bet. The guards are either absent or are sitting like dummies not bothered at all. Also the intercoms from the guard at the groung floor to each apartment are must for him to check with the apartment owner/tanent wheather the visitor be allowed entry or not. The intercoms must be provided on priority.

Issue No:84

It is suggested that each floor should have a big garbage bin placed near the steps, where the residets of each floor can dump their garbage. In the absence of the same , it is often seen dumped opposit the flats.

The bins can be emptied daily by the maintenance staff.

Issue No:85

The fans in the lift are either not working or are operating at very slow speed. Specially in summers it is very uncomfortable inside. the worst is if the lift gets stuck. The lifts also need rigrous maintenace as they are often seen getting stuck.

Issue No:86

The security is very very weak in the entire area sometimes giving a feeling as to why are we wasting so much money over it. It isa total eyewasah. One can understand that due to ongoing construction it can not be imposed strictly, but we can definitely make it much better than presently what we have.

Any body can go to the basements and use the stairs to come up. The guards in the basements are sitting like dummies and are also clueless as to what are their duties and how to carry them out.

The intercoms are the most essential part of security, which have not been provided. The guard should be able to ask the apartment owner/tanent about the visitors to be allowed in their premises, which can only be done if the intercoms are provided.

Issue No:87

The knobs/handles on all the doors of staircase (on all the floors) have not been provided yet.

The walls on all the floors need painting and repairs badly.

The broken staircases need to be repaired

Issue No:88

There is sewage like stink coming from the tap water in some of the bathrooms. The flush water is not clean and releases some dirty particles.

Issue No:89

Powder Room : Quite often Water gushes into the powder room through the shaft out side and enters into Entrance passage floor . The passage wall up to 3 Ft height gets damaged..This complaint was made several times but only temporary relief was received .The problem gets reapeted.

Issue No:90

Fire safety is severely compromised as most sprinkler heads are non functional due to the installation locks still being inract and not removed

Issue No:91

Fire safety is severely compromised as the fire extinguishers are non funtional with some being empty while others are lashed up using ropes

Issue No:92

Fire safety is severely compromised as the fire doors for the emergency escape cannot be closed as some do not have handles, some are damaged and others are kept forced open by the housekeeping staff

Issue No:93

Fire safety is severely compromised as the fire alarms have never been tested over the last year and no fire and rescue drills have been conducted

Issue No:94

Fire safety is severely compromised as most lights in the emergency escape are non functional

Issue No:95

Extensive damage due to water seepage and reflux of water from drains during last monsoon.

Issue No:96

All repair work being undertaken by CP2 in common areas is left lingering for weeks on end in an unsecured ans unsafe manner including dug up pits etc – notwihstanding that this poses a hazard to the occupants and children

Issue No:97

Guest Room & its attached Bath Room : We face Leakage & Seepage Problem in the Guest room where my parents are sleeping. The walls close to the Bath Room are Damaged & the Wooden Floors of the Guest Room once got spoilt and replaced by Project people. But the problem surfaces again & again due to the shafts from two portions ; one from the shaft out side the Bath Room and one from the Balcony out side the Guest Bed Room. Now the walls remain discoloured like the bottom of this page as you can see up to 3 feet high . The walls remain wet and emanate obnoxious smell causing sickness to my parents. The Project people only say that they are helpless and we have to bare the brunt. This reminds of the saying : WHAT CAN NOT BE CURED SHOULD BE ENDURED !!

Issue No:98

The whole complex T1 – T6 resembles a construction and garbage yard with al kinds of conatruction material and waste lying around and not being cleared out.

Issue No:99

Guest Room & its attached Bath Room : We face Leakage & Seepage Problem in the Guest room where my parents are sleeping. The walls close to the Bath Room are Damaged & the Wooden Floors of the Guest Room once got spoilt and replaced by Project people. But the problem surfaces again & again due to the shafts from two portions ; one from the shaft out side the Bath Room and one from the Balcony out side the Guest Bed Room. Now the walls remain discoloured like the bottom of this page as you can see up to 3 feet high . The walls remain wet and emanate obnoxious smell causing sickness to my parents. The Project people only say that they are helpless and we have to bare the brunt. This reminds of the saying : WHAT CAN NOT BE CURED SHOULD BE ENDURED !!

Issue No:100

CHILDREN ‘S ROOM : We don’t have Children at the moment ! Naturally we use the Bath Room sparingly ! How ever my father sits there with his PC & occasionally makes use of the toilet. Even to this day he complains of foul smell of water from the tap when ever the tap opened.!!

Issue No:101

Last but not the least the Materials used for the constructions such as the Mirrors in the Bath Rooms, the marbles , the Sinks , Plaster, the Water Jets, the wood used for the Doors ( nearly 13- 14 doors ) are of very Poor Quality .not speaking well of the restigious CENTRAL PARK- II But one must be satisfied with the Developing Area & the locality in which several MALLS , BANKS , COMMERCIAL & COPORATE OFFICES & RESIDENTIAL COMPLEXES ,SCHOOLS & INSTITUTIONS are coming up Pretty Fast !!! God Bless the Residents & Central Park-II Builders !!!

Issue No:102

The roads of bellevue tower 1-6 have no speed breakers on them as their are drivers who race through the roads.Please fix this issue

Issue No:103

I am just a new comer

Issue No:104

Wooden frames of my doors are leaving the walls and coming out. 3 of them are already out.

Issue No:105

Sewage water is coming in my bathroom’s washbasin and my whole bed room is stinking. there is some problem with water connection.

Issue No:106

I have just taken possession of our apartment 11 C in tower 8.We noticed that there is a window in lift lobby….from that window any one can go to the kitchen balcony of C type apartment…..there should be a fixed grill in this window on every floor for the safety of all C type apartments.

Issue No:107

I have been a tenant in the above-mentioned flat since the mid May this year. Despite having made enough complaints not much has been done regarding the electrical fittings in the flat. Some are loosely fitted some are falling off and a lot of them don’t work at all. All in all the work is pretty horrible.

It would be great if someone could look into the matter.

Thanking you and best regards


Issue No:108

The Price of CP2 Bellevue is not going up fast enough. We need it to touch 10000 asap with the next target of 20000.

Please Help

Issue No:109

There is a lot of water leakage in the pipelines behind the entrance gallery wall of my apartment.Both the walls have beenruined with water patched all over. This is no fault ofus or my landlord. We have lodged a complain with helpline several times. They come and just go close the pipe behind.This way the seepage stops for one day and then starts again. Same issue withour master bedroom attached bathroom. Its been more than 2 months now and nothings has been done. The walls should be painted as promised to us.
Kindly look into the matter asap

Issue No:110

AC condensate is coming into the balcony and spoiling the bedroom walls by seeping into the construction. Why can’t people have piping done or collect the water in buckets. This is serious and the residents should act responsibly.

Issue No:111

swimming pool= cleaninig of dressing area is not proper

security is not proper

Issue No:112

Estate manager, CP2 Bellevue, Gurgaon
I had a talk with you on mobile no. given in this mail. You have not been able to provide the name & telephone no. of the proper authority who can resolve this issue of maintenance charges for the month of Dec,2011 & Jan,2012.( 2 months). Otherwise I have been paying all the dues well in time so far e.g. maintenance & electric bill.
I have already explained this issue of maintenance charges in my mail dated 29th March, 2012. And subsequent mails to you & I did not receive any satisfactory reply or solution.
I stay in Jaipur not in Gurgaon on regular basis. It would be very painful if I come to my flat there & suddenly find that my electricity has been disconnected. How can you do that without any reason & with 1-2 days notice?
I had paid all my dues and charges in the month of Nov, 2011 to your company for transfer of documents, registration with local govt. authorities, and giving the possession of the this property ( Bellevue, tower 7 , 7-C )but your company could do it in the month of Feb, 2012, which has taken more than 3 months & this could be checked from your records? There was no communication from your company to me that I would be liable to pay the maintenance charges even without getting the possession for the period of Dec, 2011 & Jan, 2012. (Between my paying all the dues & possession which was also delayed by you).
How can you charge a person for the services for which neither you have informed nor you provided? More over you are lacking in providing the services for which you have already charged.
Kindly provide me the name, designation and phone no of the authority in your company who can resolve this problem once for all.
I also request you to not to disconnect my electricity without any of my fault at this stage otherwise I would be forced to seek legal help for damages, inconvenience & harassment at your cost and risk .
Anticipating favorable action.
Dr Arun Gupta.

Issue No:113

The pergola lights of Tower 9 and swimming pool of tower 7 to 9 are not yet functional.

After following up for 8 months, these lights were installed. It is now two months since they were installed – but have not yet been connected, therefore cant be switched on.

Please resolve this immediately

Issue No:114

7 Lights in the swimming pool of Tower 7 to 9 are not functional. It is very easy to get them repaired – only 1 feet of water needs to be extracted for the lights to be repaired. Please get them fixed.

Issue No:115

Water proofing done in the buildings was not successful as water is leaking all over in the basements of tower 7 to 9. Please check and resolve.

Issue No:116

Parking and the routes within the parking area are not clearly marked. This results in people parking their cars where ever they please. We need to have clearly demarcated parking with the flat number painted at the designated parking slots so that everone can ensure that they do not park wrongly.

Issue No:117

drains start overflowing with little rain in 2nd basement causing water logging and may cause damage to car parked in basement.

Issue No:118

At many parts drain is not covered in 2nd basement. Anyone can fall in open drain and can be seriously injured. In case of any such unfortunate event maintenance team/builder would be responsible for gross negligence.

Issue No:119

Please maintain records of all repairs / complaints against lifts, even if the security guard of the tower calls lift maintenance people.

IF such records were properly maintained, it would be easy to ascertain the fact that the Service Lift in Tower 9 has to be repaired at least ONCE a day. Each day, the doors get jammed or the lift stops working. Despite the repairs, the doors make a screeching sound when they close – indicating that not everything is ok. In addition, the programming of both lifts is faulty – they behave erratically when called to a floor.

Issue No:120

Despite telling the workers not to work between 14.00 to 16.00 in the afternoon, as per the Central Park rules and guidelines, the workers everyday use the drilling machine and other works during the specified period.

Please ensure that this does not happen as it causes a lot of disturbance and nuisance during the afternoon hours.

Issue No:121

One of the two lifts is mostly unoperational and the reason is that same is under maintenance. If the lifts need to be maintained so frequently then when would the residents use them

Issue No:122

1. Dampness on the walls & delay in epairing the same.
2. Termite attack from the shaft destroying our toilet woodwork & one door. While internal treatment has been done but external need to be taken care by the builder or mainatenace team.
3. Maintenance team refuse to replace any fitment given in the flat even when the flat is within one year of warranty period.


Issue No:123

This is the only society that allows residents to virtually demolish their flats after most residents have shifted, thereby causing immense disturbance due to constant drilling, hammering, grinding.
The work goes on even during afternoons during 2 and 4, and no action is taken against contractors or flat owners who get work done at the cost of disturbing their neighbours. We have been bearing these sounds for the last 6 months, and in spite of formal complaints to CP Maint, no action is taken.

Issue No:124

There is complete lack of privacy. Everyone coming or going into the tower block look into my house into the kitchen and bedroom. We have NO private moment. Each morning all kinds of people make noise as early as 5.30 am waking us up. This nuisance is not getting resolved. For the past four days someone sings very loudly at around 5.45 praying to his god right outside my window. What is wrong with these people? Can we not get some peace and quiet in my own house? What is the RWA's response to asking the staff to keep quiet? They should ONLY be seen and not heard. Why can we not get discreet and quiet staff instead of these loud and unprofessional people? Why should this not be a pre-requisite when guards and service staff are being hired? All my earlier complaints have only made a small difference. Please please train staff to keep quiet. The same applies to the vendors who have now started coming into our compound on week ends the only time we get to rest.

Issue No:125

In my flat No. 9C, Tower 04, in Master Bathroom having sespage full bathroom Cealing roof has seapaged I complained 2, 3 time but not any responding from the maintanance side.

So I am deeply dequesting to kindly solve my seapage problems

Thanks and warms regards

Rajendra Mehta

Issue No:126

Hi , I am a resident /owner of tower 2 c unit and I am sure everyone staying in the C units of towers 1 to 6 are going thru this misery .none of us have been able to use our balconies and we can't even stand there at any any given time of the day because whole day all we see is the bunch of labourers relieving themselves on the patch of land which our apartments face and it seems we overlook a open public toilet and majority of these labourers are part of the construction team who are building the second phase of cp2 . In between this practice came to a hault when the land patch was barricaded and a gaurd post was made to stop people from entering . The reason I and most c unit owners opted to buy these units is because of the balconies but ironically today forget using them , at times it even becomes difficult to even draw the curtain .

Issue No:127

Severe seepage in the first basement.complained many times .no improvements.

Issue No:128

lifts are not working properly & cleaning is not proper, lots of dust is in doors of lift, walls are not properly cleaned.,
workers are spitting in lifts that are not cleaned
on telling the sweeping staff ,they told us that cleaning material is not provided by mainteinance office

pl provide the cleaning material & properly checkup is required

Issue No:129

1- There is so much water in basement
2- Lift in our tower is never working, it does not come to my floor so we have to take lift from 14th floor.
3- Dogs and labours are using common lifts which stinks and nothing is done about it.
4- Utility lift is so dirty and stinking always.
5- Dogs pee in corridror and nothing is done about it.
6- Working hours are 9-2 and 4-6 from mon-sat but still work happens at odd hrs creating so much noise
7-Since work is happening in PH-C our floor is always very dirty and labors peeping in our house

These are few issues that I have complained about many times and till these issues are solved I will not be paying maintenance charges from today ownwards.

Issue No:130

When ever there was heavy rain even in short spell of 15-20 minute V hv experience
flooding in lower besment parking area[ no 11 n 11A].V were given to know as part of eco.
efforts to which all r contributor terms of cost etc.
This indicates no proper rain water harvesting has been done[ w/o this completion
de classified by authorizes] n gr8er issue is flooding can cause safety hazards of electric works.

Wishing all d best to fellow residents!~!!!!!!!!!!

Issue No:131

This morning around 40 workers turned up from the projects side of CP 2. All sat just outside my kitchen / bedroom window idling time till they were allowed into the building. When I confronted the guard why he was not asking them to move away from my flat he said he would not. Projects staff are allowed to work on Sundays and yet I have had to tell workers in my house to leave if they came to work on Sunday. This guard is worse than useless especially as he cannot and will not protect my privacy and right to peaceful existence in the complex. Please take urgent steps to guarantee residents peace and quiet and privacy of their homes. All staff, maids etc must be told to keep silence as they go about their work and not shout across to each other as if they are in their fields in Bengal. This matter is now beginning to get serious.

Issue No:132

Water in swimming pool in front of Tower 9 is being piped in the gardening pipe. I am given to understand that gardening water is recycled water from the Effluent Treatment Plant, which means that swimmers are basically swimming in partially recycled water from their kitchens and toilets. In any case the pipe is connected to a tap which is submerged in water and the sump is filthy and open to mosquitoes to breed in. There are insects swimming in the pool.As if we already did not have enough of a problem on hygiene and mosquitoes. Can we be enlightened why swimming pool water is not filtered water which comes to our kitchen taps? Is there a way we can clean up the swimming pool and have clean water please? The water is green and dirty not like the water in the other pool outside towers 1-6. Why the disparity between the two pools ?

Issue No:133

Security is very poor. Intruders are coming from the basement. Outsiders are coming without passes, even cars. No one checks or gives any pass to non residence. Occupants in the car can be anyone!!! No security check before entering the basement, where the cars are parked and where are the occupants are going????

Not even a single labor has got a pass!!!!!!!

Issue No:134

seepage in the apartment. when ever i complain, i am told that the flat above is the reason but we don't have the keys or the guy is not allowing us in!!!

Fungus and mites are breeding in my apartment!!!!

Issue No:135

Pest management particularly on tower 3 is very poor. Issues like rat intrusion to kitchen through shaft is on the increase. More than 2 residents of tower 3 have complained on the same. Second issue again from the shaft is termite attack. While being RCC. Structure there are less chances are termite attack from underground but shaft area is quite vulnerable& need immediate action.

Issue No:136

Pest management particularly on tower 3 is very poor. Issues like rat intrusion to kitchen through shaft is on the increase. More than 2 residents of tower 3 have complained on the same. Second issue again from the shaft is termite attack. While being RCC. Structure there are less chances are termite attack from underground but shaft area is quite vulnerable& need immediate action.

Issue No:137

Security arrangement in our society, to be polite, is pathetic. Though we have hired army of security guards with supervisors, we have very poorly laid down security process which is clearly the responsibility of the Estate Manager . For instance, (1) security supervisor would be mostly found chatting on mobile. Today I asked him with whom he was chatting, he refused to tell me with whom he was chatting. I, therefore, assume he was on long personal call. A few guards also follow their boss in this matter. (2) I understand that there is some concept of financial penalty for security guard for certain lapses. These financial penalty does not apply to security supervisor as if he is not responsible for the mistake and only the security guard is responsible for the same. (3) its perennial problem that we do not receive call on intercom before anyone visit our home….. there are many more instances to quote.

Issue No:138

Many fire doors do not have handles. Hence these doors are very inconvenient to open. Also ground floor fire door is bigger than the frame and, therefore, does not close properly. Please fix it as these doors are escape route in case of fire.

Issue No:139

My issue is regarding the open, unlocked or broken shaft doors on my floor and many more floors. I hope the concerned person understands that these can be extremely dangerous for small children. On my floor, both the shaft door locks are broken, and due to this it's open all the time. We have 4 kids on this foot, two of whom are below the age of 2. So I request you to repair these as soon as possible.
Also it would be very kind of the maintenance people to take a round and repair all the open shafts at the soonest.
Thanking you

Issue No:140

This is regarding the open manhole in the children's park area. Since many days there is an open manhole kind of thing near the first set of swings in the park area in front of tower 2 and 3. I request the concerned person to close this pit as soons as possible as it is dangerous for the kids.
Thanking you

Issue No:141

Seepage into the flat interiors from service shafts.
This continues to be a major problem as water pipes and drains continue to leak from one floor or another. Many times the maintenance staff are unable to fix it because the flat of the leak source is locked and it cannot be approached from elsewhere, as the shafts do not have safety grills or an internal ladder. My flat has been affected for the n th time and I am sure there may be many others in the same sordid state.
Following actions are suggested towards a long term solution.
All service shafts should have
1 Safety grill at each floor
2 An internal access ladder
3 Internal shaft walls should be water proofed so that minor leakages do not seep into the flat interiors

Issue No:142

1. The wooden flooring has expanded and swelling as a result is coming out of floor. This needs to be addressed.
2. The opening for the AC's doesn't match with AC's available inmarket leading to reverse flow of water in the drain pipe. The hole needs to be rectified.

Issue No:143

1. There is no security blockade and security staff for tower 7, 8 and 9 while coming from tower 1 to 6, so its free for all. Even the baricade put on the other side ( entry from sohna rd) is not functioning properly at times and there is n foolproof security check and entry in a register or check from the flat owners while allowing anybody in.

2. The roads have broken at several places and the humps are not so confirtable. These humps needs to be made smooth and instea dof using plastic one shoul dbe made from part of road material only.

Issue No:144

1. There is a severe leakage in the basement (-1) level for almost a month now and the area is always flooded by filthy water causing severe health and mosquito nuisance. The issue was highlighted at various level but the problem persists till date.

2. The lift fans are ineffective and cause discomfort due to virtually no air flow in this hot and humid weather.

Issue No:145

The Aluminium frame window of lobby of 6th Floor Tower 9 is dislodged and lying on the floor. After 7 days of complaining, someone from maintenance came – only to inform that these windows cannot be fixed as bearing required to fix this are not available. They also confirmed same problem is in many floors of most buildings.

This seems like extremely poor management of issues – when you know there is a problem, why not make efforts to resolve it?

Issue No:146

Most lights in the surrounding areas of the Tower – such as garden lights, pergola lights etc are not working for over 2 months now. Same has been highlighted many times – no efforts are made to fix this

Issue No:147

Badminton court lights near Tower 9 have not been installed. Maintenance team keeps passing the buck to project team for every little thing – there seems to be complete lack of coordination between the two teams.

For past 4 months, Mr Tomar has been saying they have been indented. How long does it take to get 2 lights?

Issue No:148

Electrical Shaft doors in basement of Tower 9 does not shut as the door is larger than the frame.

Please fix this as there are electrical wires hanging loose in the shaft and children often pass it.

We have highlighted this issue for past 11 months – no action has been taken.

Issue No:149

Quite often, there is no water in taps. The problem has now increasing significantly. I understand some automatic water pump is not working. It needs urgent attention of estate manager.

Issue No:150

We need one full time estate manager based out of maintenance office at CP2 as the society is facing multiple issues like in frequent supply of water, open drains/manholes, frequently absent security guards in basements, fire doors not having handles, no inter com in lifts etc. etc.

Issue No:151

The wooden flooring in all my bedrooms has swollen up during the recent monsoon. Complained to both Project & Society office several times but with no effect. None of them wants to take responsibility and both are just passing the buck.

Maintenance office sent a carpenter who declared that its not his job. And the Project office is not even ready to see it. When addressed the problem to the Project Supervisor for Tower 1, he passes a comment like "Aap toh rent pe ho, Kaunsa aap yeha saalo rahoge". I have a 3 yr old son and feel that the present flooring can hurt him any day.

Though I don't know whether this is the right forum to address my problem, but still would request someone to addres it to the right people and help me resolve the problem.

Issue No:152

Water pipes are of very poor quality because they frequently leak some times even in the bedroom wall, but mostly in the bath rooms and kitchen, window locks are not proper , tscotting of the floor is defective and and the roof has various open electrical points

Issue No:153

My balcony shutter rollers have all eroded. The shutters have become almost immovable and they jump the rails to an extent one of them have even spoiled the glass. Also the wooden flooring is peeling off in quite a few places and the door stoppers have got broken without much usage. The quality is so poor that even though I have logged in a complain with the maintenance office 3 months back nothing has happened till date.

Issue No:154

The sepage in my flat is progressively increasing. There is work going on in Flat 12C. They have broken floors, bathroom walls, plumbing. Since then this problem has started. I have been complaining for the last 6 weeks but the problem is not getting resolved. Maint passes the problem to projects and they inturn pass the problem to maint. There is complete lack of coordination between the two.

Issue No:155

The sepage in my flat is progressively increasing. There is work going on in Flat 12C. They have broken floors, bathroom walls, plumbing. Since then this problem has started. I have been complaining for the last 6 weeks but the problem is not getting resolved. Maint passes the problem to projects and they inturn pass the problem to maint. There is complete lack of coordination between the two.

Issue No:156

Both lifts do not have intercom for more than 2 months. Have done multiple follow ups to install them. But intercom yet to be installed

Issue No:157

There is massive water logging in the basement of towers 1 to 6. This is due to rain water seeping through the basement roof and walls and also leakage from the water pipes. Cars cannot be parked in my parking slot 5-24/24A and in many other parking slots. Other than the problem of parking cars in their right places, this kind of water seepage will also have an adverse effect on the building and its foundation.This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed on priority.

Issue No:158

In spite of multiple follow ups, handle has not been fixed on fire exit door on 2nd floor. Also ground floor fire exit door is wider than its frame and therefore does not close properly. This is clear violation of fire safety guidelines. Next option is to complain fire safety department for gross negligence of fire safety norms by estate manager.

Issue No:159

Tennis court lighting is very very poor. Also cracks are there on the court.

Issue No:160

Tennis court lighting is very very poor. Also cracks are there on the court.

Issue No:161

The lights at the entry of tower no.9 are not working, also there is a big stone lying in front of tower 9 since so many months

Issue No:162

Some Residents staying on the higher floors keep throwing cigarette butts in the garden &,it's become a nuisance now. Also a humble request to all pet owners & specially those who send their pets with maid that please don't bring your pets towards the garden area, lets lead by an example , lets make this C.P 2 a beautiful place to stay.

Issue No:163

Some Residents staying on the higher floors keep throwing cigarette butts in the garden &,it's become a nuisance now. Also a humble request to all pet owners & specially those who send their pets with maid that please don't bring your pets towards the garden area, lets lead by an example , lets make this C.P 2 a beautiful place to stay.

Issue No:164

There is foul smell in one of the bathrooms.The smell is unbearable and ubnoxious.We have given umpteen number of complaints to Maintenance office .So far no any response.This issue is there since last 3+ months eversince we ocupied the flat.The projects departement did send personnel for the inspection but it seems projects and maintenance are passing the buck on each other.Absolute no any ownership .

Apart from the above issue we are still facing the issue of drain water coming from drain hole onto the kitchen balcony.

Request you to look in to the mentioned issues on top priority and update us on the status asap.

Issue No:165

seepage in powder room, kindly look into the same asap.


Issue No:166

Sewage Treated Water Pipe Line in Basement Parking Area (Tower 5 & 6, Level-1) is damaged badly at many places for last one month (including my alloted parking). Due to acidity in treated water my car paint is damaged permanentally & is a major health Hazard. Please do the needfull to fix it immediately.

Issue No:167

The kitchen and servant quarter drains have repeatedly overflowed back into the house. The root cause it seems is bad design of master drainage pipes – not enough slope to let the debris continue flowing. This is both a project team and maintenance team issue as the former needs to address the core issue and the latter needs to respond to such incidents with velocity and compassion – both are missing at the moment.

Issue No:168

Hi, the water in the taps has a very foul smell. It stinks. It has been like this for a long time now. Is anyone else facing the same problem? This is not a new problem and has been there for a while. Can you please RESOLVE this problem!!

Issue No:169

Please do something about the open passage for construction from the tower 6-9 entrance (from tower1-6 side). The whole areas has become a dust bowl causing sever problems to all. We cannot even walk towards the tower.

Issue No:170

The bigger lift has 7 as always pressed and thus it stops at 7th floor all the time

Issue No:171


The cars parked at the entrance of the complex from Sohna Road belonging to employees of Sweta Estates cause a lot of congestion on the road and are a big cause of nuisance. The cars are parked on both the sides of the road and resulting in the effective road being left as a single lane left for traffic movement.

Today someone (dont know if it was a labrourer or a external person) tried to open the door of our car and sit inside the car. Thankfully the car was locked and an untoward incident was avoided. This is a big cause of concern for security of the residents,

The free movement of labour inside the complex of towers 7-9 and of the neighboring village continues unchecked. There is no gaurd on the pool and lawn side of the apartments at any time during the day.

Issue No:172

The entire Central Park Area is one vast construction pit full of dust, noise and workers. Further a large water body depositing water from Tigri village is just beyond the boundary wall. Consequently this entire area is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. I am sure all residents would have been troubled by this menace which is only increasing day by day. Does anybody in the RWA have any contacts with the municipal body in Gurgaon or the area councillor, or perhaps with the Tigri village panchayat? We MUST act now and decisively so that the surrounding areas of our apartments are made mosquito free by removing all stagnant water, draining the water body which is fed by village nullah's etc. This is especially so keeping in mind the Dengue season now upon us. I have lost a niece to Dengue and would like all of us to take adequate precautions for our own children. Let us act urgently in this matter.

Issue No:173

Dear Mr Anand / Mr Singhal,

The construction of "The Rooms" tower is endangering our lives due to falling debris on the entry road as we enter or leave the CP2 complex. This issue is simply not getting addressed and despite my many requests nothing has been done to resolve the matter.

I am sure that you would be equally concerned should any of the many people traversing the road get hurt by a stone falling down from the tower. I am sure that the responsibility for any inaction would lie on the projects team. While there have been unfortunate accidents and workers deaths in the other towers in the past, your urgent action can help prevent any loss of life due to falling debris on the road. I would also like to point out that the already narrow road has been further encroached by the construction team and there is no walking path and people are forced to risk their lives walking or driving directly under the falling debris.

Appreciate your reply.


Chetan Burman
Townhouse A, Tower 8, Central Park – II,
Sector 48, Sohna Road,
Gurgaon 122 018.
Phone : +91-9717687293
: +91-124-4007293

Issue No:174

The basement of tower 5 is againg leaking profusely and it is not possible to park the cars in the parking slots(5-24). Earlier also I had suggested that a systematic repair needs to be carried out. Also some earmarked parking slots need to be made availabe to park cars when ones parking is not available due to such problems

Issue No:175

1. Highly infested water is getting supplied in which even the worms( thread like red color) are clearly visible with naked eye.
2. Tower 5 intercom at the reception is not working for the last one and a half months.

Issue No:176

Pet owners use the common roads as an open toilet for their pets. In the absence of a segregated area for this requirement, pet owners MUST be asked to clean up after the pet has excreted so that other residents are not forced to live in unhygienic conditions. Unless pet owners are sensitized to this basic requirement and respecting others sensibilities we will have a problem in the near future as more and more flats are occupied and the population grows.

The roads are dusty due to the construction work in phase 2. The mud from that part of the complex is coming on our internal roads, while debris continues to fall onto our internal road at "The Rooms" construction site. yet despite all complaints the developer is ignoring our requirement for a clean, healthy and safe environment. My mails to Mr Anand and Mr Singhal has not met with any improvement let any reply. Will it take an accident for anyone to wake up to this danger? Is life so cheap for the developer and their staff?

Can we take over the RWA by holding elections and putting in our own representatives instead of the developers staff? This is also in line with the recent directive by the courts directing developers to hand over administration to the RWA's.

Issue No:177

Apartment 2B directly above my apartment is unoccupied. Recently , due to a water pipe burst in 2B, water flowed into my Guest Bedroom damaging the wooden floor. Some of the wood planks have warped and a part of the floor is uneven. The damaged portion needs to be replaced urgently as the bedroom is not fit for use in present condition. Please do the needfull on priority.

Issue No:178

These days we are hearing rising cases of Dengue & one issue related to this is stagnant water. Every evening you can see lot of stagnant water in basement 2 of tower 1-6. Drains are overflowing & stagnant water remain across the basement. While we appreciate that now a days regular fogging at the basement is being done. The good work get eroded with stagnant water later on which gives enough chances for Denue larva to multiply.
We hope concerned will take care of the sensitivity of the issue as some of our fellow tower neighbour are suffering from dengue while with corrected action we can save some.

Issue No:179

the problem of water seepage into the entrance passage wall from the servants shaft continues even after 3 months of first reporting this problem. A permanent solution has to be found

Issue No:180

Sewage Disposal Pipeline running along roof of Basement-1 (Tower 1-6) has continous problem of Heavy Leakages, this is making it difficult to park the cars in alloted areas (especially in area behind Lift of Tower-5). This is also a major health hazard due to stagnation of sewage water in whole area.

Issue No:181

Please help by closing the Belgravia opening for trucks and other vehicles from Bellevue compound. It is deeply impacting all the residents with

– huge dust,
– destruction to the greenery of the area
– big security hazard

Hope somebody really understands this.

Issue No:182

The Solar Geysers, Badminton Court, Street Lights etc near Tower 7 to 9 have not yet been handed over by the project team to BCPCA.

We have been living in this tower for over a year now, winters are approaching yet no one has bothered to complete the Solar Geysers. The badminton court lights are not installed despite reminding the project team personally for the past 6 months. Many garden lights and pergola lights are non functional, electrical wires are left dangling (photo attached).

Request senior officials to intervene and take appropriate action.

Issue No:183

There is a terrible sewage smell that envelops the entire complex beginning 8.00pm at night. I have complained a number of times and the moment the STP motor is put on the Smell vanishes in 20 minutes. I do not know who is handling this but this problem is totally due to the inefficient handling of the Sewerage Treatment Plant operations

Issue No:184

My Entire apartment got flooded with water affecting each and every corner of the flat due to flow of water from Kitchen & workarea darinage point during our absence on sunday(04/11/2012) as we were in jaipur.We got information from Mr.Pamkaj(Estate Manager) rwegarding the same. at about 3.30 pm on sunday.After we reaching the residence at aroung 9 pm.On informing the maintenance,the Plumbers came and checked.The have confirmed that the main drainage got choked and the over flow of water from drainage was due to that.

Request you clear the blocakage in the main drain pipes immediately so that this issue get resolved at the ealiest.

My sofa set ,furtniture etc all got affected and damaged due to this.This has affected the wooden flooring in all the bed rooms

This has been a perinniel problem since we started living in the partment since june 2012.


Best Regards

sujith Kumar

Issue No:185

DRY BROOMING in basements and other parts of the campus has become a menace which leads to asthma aggravation and other related problems. It becomes very difficult to move from one place to another being dusty everywhere. This is having damaging effect on greenery and our health as well. It looks quite ridiculous that dust is removed from the ground and thrown up in the surroundings as if we are still living in stone age.
Suggestions :
1. Water should be used while cleaning
2.Cleaners should be trained properly
3. We should think of procuring a machine which sucks dust and cleans nicely so that we remain healthy

Issue No:186

Due the construction activity and very large movement of heavy trucks and water tankers the road in front of towers 1-6 is in a complete mess. Three suggestions are made on the future course of action.
1 Small stones and rubble be laid for about 50 meters on the western and eastern approaches to our road to prevent loose mud being carried to our road. 2 Make only the northern lane available to heavy traffic by blocking the southern lane on the western side in front of the exit gate. The southern lane to be used only by light traffic and residents. 3 Close the exit gate for the time being. Use gate in front of tower 6 for both exit and entry. Stone and rubble will still have to be laid on the eastern approach to prevent mud being carried to our road.

Issue No:187

Solar Geyser installed by Central Park authority for the Master bed room is not at all in effective. This is true for all the flats, that I have come across. Complaints have been lodged with the estate office multiple times. But no remedial measures have been taken so far. We get the feeling that the solar geyser would work in this fashion only and nothing can be done with this.

Issue No:188

1.The siphon in the WC cistern of Master Bedroom bathroom has been defective since I took over the apartment. The problem is that the water from the cistern continuously leaks into the WC. At the time of taking over, I was told by the plumber this is a minor issue which was resolved by him by doing some adjustment. After 1 month the problem occurred again. The plumber from maintenance team again fiddled with the siphon and declared the WC as 100% serviceable. This story was repeated virtually every two months. It is on the records of maintenance team. On 05Nov 12 , the plumber who attended this chronic problem, finally declared that the siphon is faulty and needs to be replaced. He put the onus of providing the siphon on me.

2.My submission is that this siphon has been defective from the time I took over. All maintenance plumbers who attended the complaint instead of replacing it tried to rectify the problem by trying to do some adjustment which obviously did not work. Therefore, please replace the siphon to rectify the problem permanently.

Issue No:189

The problem of water seepage through the shafts continues. Leaks from one pipe or the other will continue to happen. Therefore, like I had mentioned earlier, the only solution may be through water proofing of the internal walls of the shafts so that the seepage does not enter the flats. Also an access ladder needs to be made in the shafts so that the repair team is able to access the leaks even if that particular flat is locked

Issue No:190

The convenience shop has no dustbin outside the door. Daily I find the space immediately outside the door littered with wrappers, bags and other rubbish.I have been requesting the person incharge of the shop to put a dustbin for the last one month . True to our unfortunate mentality regarding cleanliness the owner ,it appears, considers this trivial expense as unecessary…therefore no dustbin. Now it is time to read the riot act to this worthy gentleman. Either he puts a dustbin or ask him to leave. If you are not able to do either then please put a maintenance dustbin yourself. And if even this is not possible please buy a dustbin on my behalf and bill me in the next maintenance bill.

Issue No:191

1. This issue is about car washing/cleaning service in Tower 8. Cars of tower 8 residents are not being cleaned. The underlying reason is simply that this service needs to be properly organised. Presently, only one person is assigned the responsibility of cleaning all the cars of tower 8. I am not sure but I am given to understand that this is the scheme in other towers also. The cleaner of tower 8 went on leave and put his chosen substitute in place. For some reason the substitute deserted . The Estate manager/Security team is unable(?) to find another car cleaner for Tower 8. Incidentally, some of the housekeeping staff are doubling up as car cleaners. I think it is time to change this cosy little monopolistic arrangement and put in place a well organised service where the residents are assured quality and security and the cleaners get a competitive wage.
2. Here is my suggestion to the Estate Manager. Assign adequate no of cleaners to each tower such that each cleaner gets no more than 12 cars . This is a part-time job for somebody willing to work 3 extra hours in the morning. In an emergency he can be stretched to 15cars to fill leave/medical vacancies etc . If assigned more cars quality of cleaning will suffer as he must spend a minimum of 15 mins to properly clean a car. Administrative control of the car cleaners(to include marking attendance, in/out timings body checks on departure etc) must be the responsibility of basement guard.
3.The same principles apply to other services like newspaper agent and dhobi. They must be similarly organised and regulated.
4. May I request the estate manager to declare a date by when he can streamline these services. I am available for any help required to organise these services for our community.

Issue No:192

Dain water is coming out of our kitchen drain.this has happenend many times before and till date nothing has been done about this.2 weeks back,our apartment was flooded with water when we were out of town.Estate Manager Mr Pankaj isalso aware of this.Yesterday it happened again and wecomplained it to maintenance.whenever we lodge a complaint, a plumber appears at our doorstep and tells that there is nothing wrong in our stinking water is coming out.we need a permanent solution for this.Maintenance people see this in a very light manner and tells us to complaint this in the website.But till date issue has not been resolved.Please do something urgently .

Issue No:193

Approach road to the tower 1-9 have multiple pot holes which require urgent repairs. Now the HUDA roads are in far better condition then approach road to our society.

Issue No:194

need peace….for the last 1-2 months, incessant tractor movement on the service road in fromt of gd goenka school has been horrible….can we do something to get this stopped…and this is 24*7

Issue No:195

The WC of my SQ was choked. The plumber has been working on it since a week . The issue is still not resolved. The smell has spread to the whole house causing insanitary conditions hazardous to health .The plumber claims that the choking has been cleared but he has stopped the water flow because while clearing the fault the pipe in the lower floor service area broke. He claims that he has repaired the pipe but it still has to be sealed . Therefore the water had to be cut off. I went to see the place where the pipe was broken. I found the whole ares full of stinking water and mosquitoes.
Please take urgent action to dry the complete area and fumigate it today unless you want Tower 8 residents to catch dengue. Seal the pipe and by tomorrow morning start the water flow and show me that the pipe is now free of blockage.

Issue No:196

Central Park – II entrance barricade is not functional for the last one month now. Instead a rope has been put up there to attempt control the vehicle/ people movement. This reflects poorly on the overall upkeep of the Condominium apart from posing security threat to the moving vehicles.

Issue No:197

Entry gates in lower basement of T/6 need to made with suitable 4 wheel chair
climb by providing ramping T blocks that will also avoid tripping while entering in
lift area
-Landing area at 5th floor lift needs proper cleaning n polishing there spots of paint beneath
fire extinguishers

Issue No:198

Pet Owners are being extremely obnoxious by letting their dogs excrete on the public areas and not cleaning up by picking up the poop in plastic bags and disposing off hygienically. Its extremely sad that these few individuals / their maids and servants are creating such a terrible situation where everyone health suffers due to excreta degradation and eventual inhaling the dust. Why can the RWA not take steps and curb this menace? Surely we can be good neighbours and have some basic civic sense?

Issue No:199

Gardening Water outlets are all overflowing with water and mosquitoes are breeding in these water troughs as no provision has been made to drain the area. All attempts to rectify this basic design flaw have not met with any success. Perhaps the RWA can take this matter up and save residents from Dengue/ Malaria if not the Gurgaon Municipal Authorities levying fines on us.

Issue No:200

I have tried without success to get a reasonable explanation why the Gym facility cannot be made available to residents on all 7 days. Can the RWA not get involved and ensure that we have access to the facility every day instead of having this silly Tuesday off scenario? Its unbelievable that we accept this kind of decision making.

Issue No:201

There is a huge amount of noise, smoke, pollution,generated due to movement of tractors on the road opposite the newly constructed GD goenka scool. Are we doing something on that? Soem some senior person from central parktaken this matter. Up. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what is happening on this…since this is 24*7, it is difficult to even sleep!

Issue No:202

This is regarding parking by visitors only in the basement. I have two reasons why we should not be telling our visitors to park in the basement. Firstly, the basement is the dirtiest the worst maintained place in our complex and we should not be subjecting our guests to this unpleasant welcome.
Secondly, and more importantly, the tower security guards are on the ground floor and cannot monitor what is brought in or taken out from the basement in the vehicles by visitors who may or may not be genuine guests. For security reasons only residents should be allowed to enter the basement. House guests staying for longer periods may be allowed in the basement after confirming from the resident. Lastly, we the residents should follow the rules and park in the basement instead of cluttering the driveway

Issue No:203

There is water seepage through the roof and wall of the master bedroom bathroom adjoining the shaft. This has happened at least 10 times in the past one year. I am given to understand that some work was being done in the shaft either by maintenance or project team due to which there was leakage from a pipe in the shaft which caused the seepage.Please repair the seepage immediately and examine how we can prevent it from happening again and again in the future.

Issue No:204

In a society of CP2 standards it is difficult to explain the absence of gas pipeline and residents still resorting to gas cylinders. I understand these things are done while the society is getting constructed but can anything be done now? I am sure it would be a huge advantage for all the residents, more so with changing regulations around the number of gas connections and no. of cylinders one can order in a year.


Issue No:205

Is there any update on the construction of the Club and when is it expected to be ready for use?

Issue No:206

The roads in front of Towers 1-6 are in terrible shape and going from bad to worse every day. We have to either convince the authorities to get the adjoining roads paved or get them to temporarily stop heavy water tankers and trucks plying on this section of the road.

Issue No:207

Dear Sir

I am a resident of 1b, tower1, bellevue, central park 2. This is regarding the people working at the maintenance office. My flat does not have electricity from 12:20 pm. I called the maint office asking them to check the problem and i was told the gen set was on and due to excess power consumption my meter has tripped. They said they will send the electrician and get the needful done.
I have called them three times since then and i spoke to Pankaj at the office who twice cut my phone and its been more than two hours and nothing has been done. I want to know what am i paying maintenance for if such a small problem takes so long to be fixed.

Divesh Bubber
Ph: 8800167497

Issue No:208

Issues in Tower 9 Lift:

a. In the service lift, the fan on ceiling is making a loud noise for past 9 days.

b. In the passenger lift, the door make a creaking noise everyday

c. When we call a lift on any floor, both lifts move to that floor instead of the nearest lift only moving. This causes extra movement in lifts and those who need the lift have to wait for a long time.

d. If both lifts are on the ground floor and anyone calls a lift from the floor above, the service lift moves first instead of the passenger lift.

e. Overall, the cleanliness and maintenance of lifts is in very bad condition. The intercoms are missing, the flooring is torn and dirty etc

Issue No:209

The indicator of the small lift on the 6th floor has been constantly giving problems since a few months now. The result is that very often one cannot call for the small lift on the 6th floor and has to wait till the big lift is free. The indicator has been repaired many times but continues to fail. It needs to be replaced to provide a better solution

Issue No:210

Of late the tower guards are being detailed to deliver messages and go to all flats to collect data on TV antennae etc. As a result they are missing from their place of duty. This is a security issue and needs to be stopped. In any case they are ill equipped to deliver any clear message or collect any worthwhile data. The tower guard needs to be at his place of duty and not float around here and there.

Issue No:211

Previously also I have complained many times about the water leakage problem in the basements and the shafts. There was massive water leakage again in the basements after the rains on 18 th Jan. It is mainly from the construction joints between the towers. The builder must rectify this problem earliest otherwise the building will die slowly over a period of time and the residents will have to incur substantial capital expenditure later. As a result of this and very poor workmanship of the electrical wiring there was no power for the lifts of Tower 3 for nearly 2 hrs on 18 th Jan evening. I wonder what will be the state of our building in a few years from now if we are already in this miserable state now.

Issue No:212

Major seepage near lobby of tower 6 for about one month. No action taken so far. Its affecting building structure, paint and every water is accumulated in front of the entrance lobby.

Issue No:213

I hv in past made an request that let all entrances b made
friendly 4 differently abled people in / visiting complex of Bellevue
by creating suitable ramp 4 wheel chair ect.
I need not to mentioned
such mendatary things r not taken care n building is pass 4 use.
Project people r vehemently overlooking these things in spite point out
mounths ago.
look frd to an early feed back

Issue No:214

The wactorilyater recycling system is not working satisfactorily. Quite often when the flush is operated inore it becomes a Health Hazard the bathrooms dirty (black) water flows out leaving dark & dirty stains in the toilet bowl. The response to this is that the OH tank has been cleaned and therefore dirty water would come for some time. True after some time cleaner water flows. However; after a day dirty water starts flowing again.This needs to be resolved at the earliest before it becomes a Health Hazard.

There is fowl smell in the general area particularly in early mornings & late nights.

Issue No:215

Last night at around 1830 h both the lifts of tower 3 stopped working. We were forced to use the stairs. Last month also both the lifts of tower 3 had stopped after rains. There is a serious electrical problem which needs to be dealt by an expert team not not through patch repair by these locally available mechanics who do not have in depth knowledge and are not able to find a permanent solution.

Issue No:216

Both lifts of tower 3 were out of order for more than 2 hours last evening. As of this morning one is still out of order. The state of these lifts is pretty grim

Issue No:217

The two days of rain heavily flooded the basement, including the Electrical meter room in the basement.

Without the rains also, there is contant water flow in the basement which makes it difficult to walk from the car to the lift lobby. Some of this leakage comes from the shafts of the tower but still no one bothers to fix it.

This issue has not been resolved for the past 1 year. Kindly resolve it once and for all.

Issue No:218

It has been more than a week since the last rains. The joints between the towers continue to leak profusely and the basement is still flooded with water. Will somebody in the management please tell me if there is a plan to get this construction problem sorted out or there is no plan and we simply have to park the cars in water !

Issue No:219

Common area lights are switch on even around 7:30 am, unnecessarily increasing electricity bill and maintenance charges.

Issue No:220

Really fouls smells comes from STP behind tower 5-6. Its bad for health and causes breathing trouble. Its need to be immediately corrected. We have complained about several times before.

Issue No:221

Recently I lost my lovely dog "Naina" to a very bad bout of jaundice, which I am sure was picked up from the filthy area where we walk our pets on the pavement in front of Towers 1 to 6. I have personally requested the Estate Manager to get that area cleaned up on a daily basis so that we don't have such an unfortunate incident again. Will some pet owner please follow this up from here on.

Issue No:222

The garden & street lights mostly don't function from the Main gate of CP2 till the convenience store.

Electricians of BCPCA blame it on poor quality of wiring in the ground without proper conduiting done by the project team. They have shown me how the garden lights are incorrectly installed, how loose wires are directly put underground etc making it impossible for the lights to be kept functional.

Project team's MEP team refuses to accept blame and conter blames the BCPCA team.

Over the past 1.5 years, there has never been a single month in which all the lights have EVER functioned.

Will someone please take ownership and resolve this once and for all?

Issue No:223

Just to correct Anil, there have been not even a single week forget month when all street lights have worked. I had written also to Mr. Bakshi about the same on 18th Dec and I have written confirmation that the issue will be sorted out.

Issue No:224

The water coming in the toilets this evening was absolutely black. This has happened before many times but it appears that the management is not too bothered. I would like to meet the Estate Manager and his team on18 Mar 2013 and would like to know the following.

1 What is supposed to be the specification of the output water from the STP
2 What is the actual specification of the water coming out
3 How often is the output quality checked.
4 What are the records maintained
5 What is the periodic maintenance schedule of the STP and the water tanks
6 What are the records maintained
7 What is the back up plan when the STP fails

Estate Manager pl let me know what time can you meet me with all the information

Issue No:225

Again this morning the toilets had terrible, dirty, filthy, black stinking water. This is despite the tank having been cleaned on 22 Mar. Estate Manager pl get the STP Checked. Obviously it is not working properly and thereafter get the tank cleaned again

Issue No:226

In spite of multiple follow up and commitments, all street lights are still not working. I do not know what is the hesitation from Builder side to ensure that all street lights work.

Issue No:227

Garden lights in and around Tower 7 – 9 area are not working, it has been repaired numerous times but they still don't work. Quality of manpower doing the work itself is poor, they make temporary repairs which don't last. Please fix the problem permanently, it's a request.

Issue No:228

Water supply in tower 7 . No water in overhead tank frequently specially once in a week .

Issue No:229

The lights of stairs of tower 3 are out of order. Going from ground to second floor is complete dark. In an event of any evacuation this could be potential source of stampede. I have personally followed it up and also security guards have complained time & again but no vain. There is urgent need to give attention to the details else this will turn into another government society of no ones affair.

Issue No:230

One of the water pipes in the shaft behind the lifts has been making very loud sounds for nearly three months now. I believe it is due to air lock problems due faulty valves. The noise is so loud that one gets disturbed even while sleeping at night. The water pipes are not designed to take this kind of vibration and stress and sooner or later it will break. This needs to be repaired immediately.

Issue No:231

It was always promised by Mr. Arapan Anand that gate for construction would be closed in front of tower 1-6 would be closed and shifted to Belgravia. Yesterday night a new gate is being opened in front of tower 1-6 for construction purpose. This should be closed immediately and shifted somewhere else.

Issue No:232

Electrical work at tower 3 is probably least attain attention. As you enter tower 3-4 entrance there is no light. half of the lights at
Are not operational. It's nightmare if you try to come down by stairs during night as some of the area is complete darkness. Thiss is a a serious security lapse as in an event of emergency this could lead potential stampede.
This is reportedly followed up but there is no response.

Issue No:233

Ceiling near ground floor lobby is damaged since December. Drainage pipes hang from the damaged ceiling and water keeps on pouring from the ceiling. It not only gives poor sight once you enter the building,it is a major inconvenience while carrying any person on wheel chair as water dips over the person. Ceiling should be repaired on urgent basis as its pending for more than 3 months.

Issue No:234

there is so much of mosquitos in common area one cannot even stand , even in your house also the problem is same
Proper fumigation is required from experts
There is foul smell all over tower 1 -6 if somebody wants to have morning walk either in night cannot roam around

Issue No:235

Last night the electricity in tower 3 must have gone off at least 20 times. There appears to be some major problem in the lines/connections. Real summer is yet to come and we are already facing electrical problems. This needs to be corrected at the earliest.

Issue No:236

This morning there was no water in my Kitchen. Maintenance help desk informed me that water tank is empty because the person responsible has not switched on the motor. While failures in utility operations and maintenance will happen, the key to minimization of such failures is to do a root cause analysis and kill the cause of the failure. This has obviously not happened because around 2 to 3 months ago exactly the same thing happened. I had told the Estate Manager that immediate restoration of water supply was ,of course, necessary but ,more importantly, it was necessary to identify the root cause and kill it so it does not happen again. So, what are we going to do now? Are we going to learn from this failure and take corrective action? Or……

Issue No:237

The Electricity Bill for the month of July indicates that i consume about 20 units per day…which seems very high given that I live alone and am out most of the time….I would like the load to be checked and the meter recalibrated to ensure that it is accurate.

Issue No:238

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Issue No:239


Issue No:240

Society has made source of income by putting invalid/inflated charges. Any common man can understand the variance and reasons but maintenance department has closed his eyes. Residents have no option. Either to pay as demanded by society or move out. Need to understand who watching and ensuring appropriate and accurate charges. Central park 2 maintenance has become a big pain and wonder if some help is there.

Issue No:241

<p>There has been a lot of seepage in my apartment from the above floor. First in the main bathroom then the second and now the third one also. There has also been a lot of seepage in the entry area due to the common pipes running along the wall. On showing this to the plumber he agreed that the pipes were faulty due to which the seepage occurred. Now the maintenance is refusing to cooperate with the painting work and is refusing to supply material for the work. They are saying to get it done by ourselves and they will only provide the painter and not get any other repairs done. What do they take the maintenance money for?? This is not done and the behavior of the staff is rude and not cooperative at all. Is this what we are paying the high maintenance charges?? The staff Mr Anek went to the extent of saying we will not do anything do whatever you feel like but we will not help you. Is this the way to talk?? Is this person whose salary goes from the charges I pay going to threaten me like this??</p>

Issue No:242

<p>Sir,<br />
This is to inform you that there is water seepage in my apartment no i.e. 707-C from the apartment above my apartment i.e.708-C as under:-<br />
A. In the powder room in the entrance lobby.<br />
B. In the master bed room near the balcony gate.<br />
This matter has been reported by my tenant in the maintenance office, but unfortunately nothing happened. The photographs are enclosed here with for ready reference.<br />
I here by again request you to kindly take necessary action in this matter urgently.<br />
Thanking you,<br />
Dr Arun Gupta</p>

Issue No:243

<p>Sir,<br />
This is to inform you that there is water seepage in my apartment no i.e. 707-C from the apartment above my apartment i.e.708-C as under:-<br />
A. In the powder room in the entrance lobby.<br />
B. In the master bed room near the balcony gate.<br />
This matter has been reported by my tenant in the maintenance office, but unfortunately nothing happened. The photographs are enclosed here with for ready reference.<br />
I here by again request you to kindly take necessary action in this matter urgently.<br />
Thanking you,<br />
Dr Arun Gupta</p>

Issue No:244

<p>Since the format is applicable upto Tower 9 and does not include from Tower 10 onwards.</p>
<p>I own a flat in tower no 21. Flat no 9 D And till date I am yet to get the procession of the said Flat .</p>
<p>I lost my husband in 2008 and am dependent on my daughter who is my source of my livelihood.</p>
<p>For more than 2 Years I am still staying in a rented flat paying Rs 30000/- PM.</p>
<p>Request to let me know the exact date of getting the POCCESSION of the said flat.<br />
Please take pity if you could tell me the truth in this regard.<br />
Thanks and Regards<br />
Nancy Dhar</p>

Issue No:245

<p>I feel cheated by the builder & understand that many of us have similar issues with the builder viz.<br />
1. Undue Escalation Charging at possession.<br />
2. Non payment of compensation for delay in possession.<br />
3. Cheap tactics/manipulations done to deprive us from timely payment bonus.</p>
<p>We all can share & collectively put pressure on them or take legal recourse.</p>
<p>Can you share a list of those in same state of harassment.</p>

Issue No:246

<p>We received demand from builder to pay VAT , Do we need to pay even if we got the possession of apartment in Jan 15</p>

Issue No:247

<p>Here are of the issues with T9 or my apartment:</p>
<p>1) Stairwell lights are not stable rather always flickering, may be some problem with the line<br />
2) Master bedroom's toilet gets dirty stinky water (may be harvested rain water), but its way too dirty.<br />
3) Bedroom next to the kitchen …always is's coz of sever reflux (gas) .. must be looked into.<br />
4) The shaft (telephone cables and DTH cables) right outside my door has no handle on the door… it's always open coz the door is bigger than the frame.. it's dangerous with kids around.<br />
5) Lawn tennis court is unusable at night coz there are no/limited lights.<br />
6 Elevators fans recently got installed but have poor / wrong logic for the fans. Fans stop at every floor whenever the elevator stops. Fans should stay on till even a single flooor button is pressed from inside I.e. There is a person inside.</p>

To add your issues to this list, please goto . Some of the above issues might have been resolved.