List of issues in Central Park II Gurgaon

The Central Park 2 project on Sohna Road, Gurgaon was launched in 2004 and it is now dawning that construction might continue till 2015 at least. There are some major issues being faced now by apartment owners. Some of these issues might get resolved and new issues might come up. We intend to keep updating the list, please feel free to add your comments below:

Issues listed on 01 Feb 2011 (Last updated – 05 Aug 2011)

1.   Access for Towers 1 to 9 and Central Vista

a. North & South Gate Entry should be accessible for all towers in order to go around the complex through peripheral Road

b. Remove Boundary Wall around Central Vista   – it is not part of original layout plan

c. Underpass – to connect near Tower 1 to Tower 26 as promised in layout plan

d. Townhouses built on ground floor of towers 1 to 9 are in violation of the ABA and are also blocking access to front side of buildings.

2.   Central Vista (Garden) should be immediately provided as promised

3.   Swimming Pool in front of Towers 7,8 and 9 should be immediately constructed as per original layout plan ResolvedUpdate resolved by mutual discussions, pool has now been built. CP2 RWA thanks the builder for their co-operation

4.   Clubhouse for Phase 1 should be constructed on Ground floor, location can be altered. Size should be as promised or at least 15000 Sq Ft.

5.   EWS Dwelling Units should be provided at the same place as shown in layout plan. Update – EWS construction has not yet started

6.   Calculation of Super Area – details to be provided to RWA on how these calculations were done. Calculations should not include anything that is excluded in ABA. Update – Calculations provided show that Super Area has been increased by over 100+ Sq Ft

7.   Provision of all infrastructures as shown in Original layout shown to buyers. Builder should provide certificate that all items shown in layout plan are there. Update – Builder has refused to do so

8.   Quality of Construction – Deficiencies to be rectified. Warranty of 1 year post possession should be honored as per contract. All seepages should be rectified and any damages due to same should be borne by CP2.

9.   Escalation Charges should be refunded with interest due to delay in construction Update – Builder has refused to do so

10.  Interest for delays in construction should be payable for full period for which CP2 has kept buyers money, excluding 36 months period. Update – Builder has refused to do so

11.  Refund of excess Registration Charges – Owners are forced to pay extra registration charges due to delays by Builder. If registration had been done by 2008 as promised, registration charges would have been significantly lower. Increase in registration charges should be refunded by CP2 Update – Builder has refused to do so

12.  Penalty for delay in construction should be paid for entire 35+ month delay as per contract, not just for the 5 months for which it is being offered Update – Builder has refused to do so

13.  PLC Charges should be deferred till entire construction is over. Alternatively, Builder should pay interest on the amount till construction is over. Update – Builder has refused to do so

14.  Delays in Construction – Builder should provide timeline for completion of each phase of project. Update – Timeline provided is 2015 for entire project completion

15.  Improvement in Services – Builder should improve their communications with buyers and attend to their individual problems constructively.

To keep yourself updated, please see the latest notices on the notice board.

3 Responses to “List of issues in Central Park II Gurgaon”

  1. vibha says:


    • SK says:

      As the Builder obtained the Completion/ Occupation Certificate fraudulently on 17 th September 2010 by paying bribe to DTCP afficials, we the Owners of apartment are facing the consequances of it.

      Towers 1 to 6:
      Lots of problems like
      Huge seepages
      TV cables missing
      Electrical conduits missing
      Poor Workmanship
      No Clubhouse

      Towers 7 to 9:
      Not yet ready ,
      Offer of possession offered for Tower 7 then
      withdrawn on protest the same day.
      no fresh offer of possession till now
      Lifts not functioning
      Work in flats not complete
      Surroundings still scene of 2nd world war
      Swimming pool abandoned halfway
      Wall put around Towers 7 to 9.
      No water, electricity or cable connections
      Parking not yet ready
      No 20 acre Central Garden, Jogging Track or water bodies
      Roads not ready
      No Clubhouse
      and many more problems

  2. S SIngh says:

    The builder has back tracked even on a few assurances given to the CP2RWA during the negotiations.He has already become more adamant and arrogant which is visible from his various actions:

    (1) A wall has been erected to bifurcate both the basement parkings under Towers 1-6 and also under Towers 7-9 ,to use half of the parking lots of Bellevue (see the Parking Area shown in your Apartment Buyer’s Agreement for “phase 1 of CP2″) for other Towers still under construction.

    (2) A wall has been constructed at the enterance to take away a major portion of the Road into the Belfort area from the common Enterance area of Bellevue.

    (3) Clubhouse is still to be constructed (it should have been functional at the time of giving possession).

    (4) The area now proposed by the Builder for the Clubhouse is only about 6000 sq. ft., which seems more like a joke for over 2000 Residents

    (5) The Swimming pools are still to be functional.

    (6)Basements are leaking like a fountain.

    (7) There are defects galore in the complex.

    (8)Fire fighting System is not even installed (this should have been functional over 2 years back when the Builder applied for the Occupation Certificate).

    (9) Possession has been offered for Towers 7 to 9 without the Apartments being complete.

    (10) There are major changes in the Layout by the Builder to the detriment of the apartment Owners.No information was given or consent ever taken from the apartment owners for these changes.

    (11)Ground Floor stilt area in all the Towers 1 to 9, meant for Clubhouse, converted into “Townhouses” and sold to unsuspecting Buyers.

    (12)No Nursery or Primary schools, No EWS units, no Community Centre!

    (13) And no 20 acre Garden as originally promised.(infact the actual approval was only for a 8 acre Central Garden which may shrink to about 5 acres whenever constructed, with no access for “Bellevue” residents).

    (14) An illegal wall has been condtructed to segregate the Bellevue residents from the rest of the Colony.

    (15) An Underpass was promised to connect Towers 1 to 6 with the rest of the project. No Underpass has been given and is denied now on flimsy grounds.

    (16) No peripheral road, no access to North Gate on Subhash Road.

    (17) No RFID security as was originally promised.

    (18) No intercom from Apartments to security.

    (19)No “all weather” Swimming Pools as promised.

    (20) “Belgravia” is also not only hugely delayed but the owner’s are not even being given the flat according to the specifications as shown in the Sample flat. Another sample flat is now ready on the 1st floor of Tower 12 with much inferior specifications!

    (21) Apartment Owners are being charged illegal “Clubhouse Infrastructure Development Charges” instead of “Club Membership”.(For a non-existent Club!)

    The list is ENDLESS.

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