Important checklist for owners

Checklist for taking possession helps you to ensure that the apartments is built according to plan and there are no cracks or major repair works required after taking possession of your new flat.

Important checklist for possession of Apartment :

List of amenities: Some builders or developers offer or promise list of amenities in their Brochures, Advertisements, Models and Agreements for the apartment you are buying such as playgrounds, lifts, swimming pools etc. After completion of construction, buyers or investors find that builder has not provided all amenities as per promised or agreed. Check your agreement/ brochures etc. to see the list of amenities and make sure each one is provided as per specification.

The following amenities are not provided by the Central Park 2 builder despite having shown them in the Master Plan and Buyer – Seller Agreement:

The Swimming Pool in front of Towers 7, 8 & 9 has not been provided. The residents of Towers 7 to 9 will have to tread all the way to Towers 1 to 6 and back, in tunics and towels, crossing a municipal road. Would you like your wife and children to do so? Ask builder to complete the Swimming Pool in front of Towers 7, 8 & 9.

The Underpass connecting Towers 1 to 6 has not been built. It was to be built to give all the owners access to proposed Peripheral Road and the Central Vista. Ask Sweta Estates to build the Underpass.

The Clubhouse in front of Towers 1 to 6 has been shifted to top of Towers 3 & 4 with much smaller size. It will cause huge problems not only to all users, but also to residents of Towers 3 & 4, as same lobbies and lifts are to be used by all. Ask them to build the Clubhouse at the same place and of same size as shown in the brochure.

The 20 Acre Central Vista which was promised as an integral part of the complex by the builder is not ready and owners in Towers 1 to 9 will not have any access to it even when ready because a wall has been built around Towers 7, 8 & 9 and no Underpass has been provided to connect Towers 1 to 6 with the Central Vista as promised. Ask Central Vista to be completed as promised.

The Common Areas in Central Park 2 under the stilts in each block have been converted into Town houses and Villas and sold to unsuspecting customers. And, despite this, the Super Area being charged to other Apartment owners has gone up! Ask for a copy of calculation of Super Area being charged.

Nursery and Crèche shown behind Towers 7 to 9 has not been constructed. Where will your children/grandchildren be left when you go to work? Ask them to construct Nursery and Crèche at the designated place.

The EWS quarters have not been constructed, which is a prerequisite to obtain an Occupation Certificate. Ask for the EWS quarters to be constructed at the previously designated site behind Towers 1 to 6.

Doors and windows: Ensure your apartment is provided with required doors and windows for proper ventilation in all rooms, including bathroom and kitchen. Improper ventilation can cause numerous problems in future. Ensure all the sliding door/windows work smoothly and also that there is no broken glass especially at corners of sliding doors. It has been found by owners who have already taken possession that there are some gaps between the windows/doors and the concrete walls. Check for such gaps. Some balconies in Central Park 2 are not fixed straight or painted properly. Check the balconies for such defects. Also check the Mirrors in bathrooms for any defects or faulty fitting.

Wall Painting: Wall painting need to be checked before taking possession of home or flat from the builder or developer. Some builders or developers provide single coat wall painting in some rooms instead of double coat. Check if all walls have double coat. Exterior painting should be complete along with window and balcony grills. Check if POP is straight and even.

Floor Tiles: In the drawing room, check that all tiles are of the same color. Many owners have found the tiles to be defective. Ensure that skirting of flooring in drawing/dining area is vitrified tiles only. To save costs, some builders put wooden flooring despite the agreement mentioning vitrified tiles.

Cracks on the wall: Look for cracks in the foundation, ceilings and walls, which indicate movement of the structure caused by settling, soil expansion. Check for cracks on the walls, especially between electrical sockets.

Drainage outlets: This one of important thing you need to check before taking the possession of flat or home. Clogged outlets are a menace if not done before you move in. Water collects in bathrooms, kitchen and balconies and creates a mess. Check if all Drainage outlets such as balcony, bathroom, kitchen, utility, etc. are working and not clogged.

Check for Leakages / Seepage: Check for all bathroom fittings are as per specification. Check the working of taps and bathroom fittings. Ensure there is no leakage when opening or switch on taps. Make sure granite platform in kitchen is not leaking. Pour bucket of water on granite platform and observe for any leakage below it. Check hot and cold mixer. Also check for water flow from kitchen, bedrooms, and hall. Slope should be towards bathrooms or terrace. Make sure water is completely draining out and not accumulating at one place. Observe if any leakages are seen in your bathroom. Also check for any seepage on the walls etc. In Central Park 2, Tower 4 has extensive seepages on the walls from the shafts. These leakages and seepage can cause major headaches later.

Check switches and plug-points: Make sure that all the sockets, plugs, bulb holder are connected to mail supply. Also check if main fuse in the house is controlling complete current supply.  Check if all switches and plug-points are working.  In Central Park 2 it has been found that the electrical wires are going in without conduit pipes in the walls! Also, the electrical point for Geysers in Powder room is missing. In some switch boxes, the wires are of incorrect colors – such  as 3 green wires instead of black, red and green wires. Check for any such blunders.

Safety measures: Ensure that your building is constructed according to safety rules provided by fire department and National building code. Check if your gas leak detector is working by burning a piece of paper and allowing the smoke to fill the kitchen.

Possession letter: If your building or apartment is provided with all amenities, size of rooms as per approved and you have checked all things in your apartment, it is time for taking possession of your flat or home. While taking possession of flat or home, ensure that you have receive all documents from the builder. Possession letter, Blue print, No Objection Certificate, Development agreement, power of attorney, Commencement Certificate, Search Report of the Builder’s Advocate, Receipts of payments made to the builder, Letter of allotment etc are some of important documents required from builder or developer during possession of apartment. Ask for copies of the Rules and Regulations and Memorandum of Association of any association of which you are asked to become members. Also do not sign any affidavit especially which says that your Apartment conforms to or is according to stipulations of the Apartment Buyer – Seller Agreement, unless you are completely satisfied.

Ask for a copy of the Completion Certificate/Occupation Certificate and accompanying terms & conditions to be given to you while taking possession.

Though this is not an exhaustive checklist, we hope it will help the owners immensely.

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  1. Harish Jaggi says:

    I am with you all on this issue.


    Thanks for making RWA a strong force. We are facing a lot issues from builder. I just returned home , will see how to go about the prolems.
    Will definetly need RWA to help sort out issues.

    Please advise next meeting date.
    My ph is 8860444084

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